Hi, we are from Palmer Way Elementary School, our name are Angel, Reinalyn, and Marish’nae, and we are in a combo class that is 4th and 5th. This website is theĀ  most coolest website about Elements ! We add super cool games, links, videos, pictures, vocabulary, FAQ’s (frequently ask questions), our outline for our research paper, we also made a Voki, and lastly we will show a cool animation. This website will give you alot of information about elements. If you need more information feel free to comment on our blog and PLEASE subscribe.


From the creators,



– Marish’nae


3 Responses to “About”

  1. aurora Says:

    I like your research paper it’s really cool and easy to understand. It has good pictures and hyperlinks.

  2. Cilly Says:

    Really cool blog. Also I enjoy knowing that you will look into my blog as well. Thank you for telling me that you will support me as I supported you that is really great. Here is my team blog – http://earthswater.wordpress.com/
    Thanks. By the way great blog

  3. Kitkat Says:

    Your guys’ blog is…AWESOME! It IS really informative and it doesn’t get boring or stuff. Keep up the AWESOME job!

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